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  • Gorillaz – Humanz

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3/5 – While Plastic Beach had a compelling concept and Demon Days had classic singles, Humanz struggles to attain either.

  • Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.


4.5/5 – Much like Kanye’s TLOPDAMN. is a flawed masterpiece that can only be considered disappointing based on the high bar set by its predecessors (GKMC TPAB).

Highlights: “HUMBLE.” & “DNA.”

  • Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

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3.5/5 – For all the hype, meta-branding, and lofty lyrics, Pure Comedy is truly frustrating due to its lack of instrumental ambition.

Highlights: “Ballad of the Dying Man” & “Pure Comedy”

  • Drake – More Life

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4/5 – What should feel like an odds-and-ends collection ends up being one of Drake’s best-sequenced projects.

Highlights: “Passionfruit” & “Fake Love”

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